How To Automate Content Creation

For unique content, people have always tried various things to generate content creation. Some succeeded for a while and others failed. There are some ways to automate it really well. And to keep it simple, UGC (User generated content) is the best way to automate content creation for your site. However, there are some ways that you can go about generating content that’s near unique and readable by a human. These two things rarely mesh properly because automatically generating articles which makes sense might seem impossible. There are some ways around this, though.

User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is all the rage these days because all it really takes is a dedicated community. Many people just want a website, or an app that is geared specifically to their needs. Generic community based UGC sites such as Reddit or Facebook just don’t provide that. While it is true that this type of content can be top-notch specially when moderated. But in reality it can be a very messy to deal with if the site isn’t focused, which is why community pages such as forums exist.

Pros: Hands off experience where your users generate all the content and all you really need to do is moderate. All it really takes just a push in the start and once the ball gets rolling, there’s nothing stopping it.

Cons: Most of the content will be very low quality and you can’t do anything about it. This might affect your site negatively if the majority of it is low quality content. To you give you an example would be forums which lock out content unless a new user replies to the thread with a single comment.

Spinning and Stuffing

This technique has been popular for pretty much as long as google has cared about content. Some people say it doesn’t work anymore while others swear by it. In reality, though, all it boils down to is the uniqueness. How well the article is spun using spintax really matters. There are various tools and services that offer you to create your own spintax.

A spintax is basically a format in which you place the words that you want to select randomly from a selection that you specify within two curly brackets split by pipe character (“|”). Here’s a simple example.


This single string can return one of three outcomes but when you realize that this can best nested things start to get really interesting. You can test out spintax and learn more about it at

How does it work?

Google has surely gotten a lot smarter over the years. They know that there are people who do try to generate automated content by spinning and they don’t like it. So, if you can write your own content it is always preferable. But if you want to try something different stuffing works alright sometimes.

Stuffing is when you grab various parts of multiple articles and mix them together. This is then spin using some high quality AI based spinners such as WordAI.

The reason why it works so well is that when you string multiple different articles you are basically creating a unique piece of content as soon as its spun with a good service. Also, even when the articles are generated you can tweak them a little to make them better readable and things like that.

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