3 Ways To Completely Automate Your Website

Website automation occurs everywhere. There are so many websites whose sole purpose is collecting information and presenting it to the visitors in a relevant and SEO friendly way. Automating a website could mean various things depending on these questions.

  • Do you want to generate automated income?
  • How about generating valuable content?
  • Want to do both?

Ultimately, no system can truly be automatic since algorithms and competition around you will keep growing. That being said, there still are some ways where you can automate a lot of things and if you know what you are doing and with enough testing, you can also automate some complex things such as generating the content itself.

Here are some ways you can go about achieving this.

Classic Auto-Blogging

This is an ancient technique in the terms of internet time. An autoblog in the classical sense pulls data from RSS feeds in small bits from various sources and complies it together to make generated article unique. Since the auto blog only ever pulls small bits from the original site it comes under fair use. And technically isn’t copying content. However, Google dosen’t like auto blogs and will do everything it can to squash them. Specially those made using some free popular softwares or with little to no uniqueness to it.

Advanced users may however spin the content using AI based article spinners such as WordAI. This article spinner is probably the best one out there and automatically spun content looks human written and uses sensible synonyms.

You will also have to consider that you will almost always have some posts which will make absolutely no sense. This means you need to figure out the best ways to keep the senseless posts to a minimum. People say the days of auto blogging are long gone. I say it has just evolved. It is a fresh game, sure. But it can still be played.

If you use wordpress there are some powerful plugins that can do this for you one such plugin is called WP RSS Aggregator.

According to the plugin’s description,

WP RSS Aggregator is the original, most popular, and most robust plugin for importing, merging, and displaying RSS and Atom feeds anywhere on your site within minutes. Set up your feeds and let the plugin do the leg-work.

Programmatic content curation

If you’ve ever looked for questions, you don’t get answers to on google you might notice you will always still seem to find these “answers” which in reality never really deliver what the title suggests. This is because of programmatic content curation. The basic theory is simple.

  1. Generate a list of keywords which have no authoritative websites competing anywhere on the first page.
  2. Scrape, Curate or use AI to generate vague “answers” to these topics that can pass googles spam check filters.
  3. Post daily on a schedule and scale it on mass

You will find content like this in almost every single niche. Google tries its best to get rid of this content. But since these programs are usually made by hand with every update, the automators just get better. Most times Google even tolerates this because sometimes the content of these automatic content creators is helpful.

Thinking about the logic you may feel like this is a simple thing to do. But if it worked every time all the time everyone would be on beaches sipping beer. While the blogs did all the work for them. In reality, this is very complex since a single mistake could mean your website your gets blacklisted by google.

This means you have to be very careful and run a lot of tests to find the winner. Things that take a lot of time and energy to make usually have high barriers to entry. With profits that aren’t all that impressive unless you live in developing nations it’s easy to see why not everyone can get it right because of the lack of competition.

Letting your users generate content

User Generated Content is all the rage right now and for all the right reasons. All you really need is an excellent platform and your users do the rest. Interestingly enough, this space isn’t as competitive as you might think. You could still target many niche groups which don’t have communities build for them and create your own communities.

Say, for example, you are really interested in Korean basket weaving. There might also be many people who interested in similar things. Your website can easily become a catch-all for all things related to these small niche communities. Once they grow they will create content for you completely automated. The best part? You don’t have to worry about google’s wrath since these are actually humans we are talking about.

Lets have a look at the biggest User generated content website of them all Reddit. They built this website for communities and fan bases. If people find people similar to them and interested in things they are interested in too, it makes it very easy for them to open up and share things. While it is true that a well-built article on a decently authoritative site will always well than UGC website the sheer volume of content that users generate isn’t something to scoff at. There are still communities that use websites that were built in the early 2000s with a growing user base. This just tells how strong the pull of belonging can be within UGC websites.

Some drawbacks of this type of content though is that it has to be moderated. If you simple find moderators for the communities you can be hands off and only intervene if there really is a need to do so. Apart from the basic rules online communities will often appreciate the lack of authority.

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